Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Sweet Third Birthday

My sweet Katelyn Grace turned three on Saturday.

I've been a mother for three years. That means it's been three years and two weeks since I earned a paycheck, commuted two hours a day in disgruntling Houston traffic, or blow-dried my hair daily. 

Three years of obeying God's calling.

Three years of living on a single income, of learning to be "just" a stay at home mom, of finding creative outlets that also nurture the littlest members of our family.

Three years of feeling like the most blessed woman on earth.

Thank you for teaching me to be a mama, Katie Grace. You are the joy of my life.

The only thing the birthday girl requested was a "Cindawellwa cake." 

I had to decorate quickly, and didn't have time to do a crumb layer of icing. Ah, well. It turned out ok with only one layer.

Aunt Bethany is the best gift wrapper.

We didn't actually cut the cake on her birthday, since it fell on the same day as Papa's surprise 80th birthday party. But we pulled out her birthday crown and sang a couple of days later.

Sweet girl.

Big enough to blow out her own candles this year.

Mama's homemade chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Yum!

Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl! I can't wait to take you to get your birthday portrait taken, a big girl haircut, and a trip to the zoo! Let's celebrate you all April, ok?


  1. You made me cry. I love this post.

  2. This is wonderful. So sweet. :-) By the way, did you make her crown? I like it a lot!

  3. Yes! Well, to be honest, my mom did most of the sewing. But I did find the tutorial and picked out the felt! That counts, right?


  4. P.S. You can also see Ember's red birthday crown in the 12th picture. :)