Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stream of consciousness daily happenings

7:36am A tiny, hoarse whisper in my ear wakes me up: "Mommy...it's 9 o'clock" This is funny because no matter how late Dane works, I always send the kids in to wake him up at 9am. So they think any wake-up time is 9 o'clock. I hoist Ember up into our bed to snuggle between us for just a few more minutes. This is a third trimester luxury for me. Usually I try to wake up one to two hours before the kids for my workout, prayer, and Bible time, but for the last few months I've been hitting snooze until they're awake.
8:00am I can't put it off any longer. By now Katelyn has joined us and the girls are wrestling over covers and pillows and space. We head into the kitchen and they "help" me make oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Everyone has a scratchy throat and stuffy nose so I serve breakfast with a side of vitamin C, echinacea, and quercetin on top of our regular vitamins, probiotics, and fish oil. I feel like a homeopathic pharmacist (if there is such a thing) by the time I'm done. 
9:00am The dishes are done and the laundry is going, and I am supposed to send Dane and the girls out to run errands, because Tuesday is Deep Clean The House Day. But instead I find myself asking him to put everything off until Thursday, and just hang out instead. It doesn't take a lot of convincing. We drink coffee and watch a movie while the girls destroy the sunroom. At some point I get everyone dressed and make a batch of bread dough for the week. Dane and I finally chat about our Christmas budget and Big Give offering - God has given us each separately identical amounts again this year. Truly cool.
12:00pm We're still full from breakfast, so I pull out the playdough and let the girls roll, shape, and mash to their hearts' content while I attempt to make paper snowflakes for the windows. To my amazement, they actually look pretty cute. Dane is ready for work. He kisses us goodbye and leaves, his exit sending a blast of icy air our way. Yeah, I am NOT leaving the house today.
1:00pm Lunch. Black beans, cheese, apple sauce. I was feeling lazy (if I haven't already made that obvious).
2:15pm The dishwasher is humming and the sunroom is tidied up as I set up the pack'n'play in the master bathroom. The girls still can't nap in the same room successfully. Ember is the happiest little napper these days. I scoop her up and give her a hug before depositing her into her snug nest with her blankie, Peep the sheep, and paci. I won't hear from her for three hours. I send Katelyn to her room to put away laundry. I settle down with the laptop to take care of emails, meal planning, and scheduling, and remember to drink some water.
5:15pm Ember is up! The girls play a hybrid pretend game of Peter Pan and cats/dogs while I make my new favorite soup , salad, and a loaf of bread.
6:30pm Dinner. I'm starving.
7:00pm Baths. The new Dora shampoo is a hit.
7:30pm Jammies. Brush teeth. Comb hair. We're leaving for my midwife appointment at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, so I lay out their clothes to expedite that sure-to-be-hectic departure while I supervise Katelyn finishing up the laundry task I gave her five hours ago.
8:00pm Switch on the noise-maker and say a quick blessing over the babies. Good night.
8:15pm Sit down to write this and while doing so, realize I forgot to do our Jesse Tree devotional. We'll have to double up tomorrow. Dane will be home in a couple of hours, and I'm giving myself until then to get the dinner dishes clean...so rocking on the yoga ball while watching Netflix it is. I may even have a cup of hot chocolate.

If you made it through all that...bless you. Today was so comfy and lazy I don't want to forget it. 

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